We take our responsibility to the environment seriously and appreciate that this is a consideration for many of our customers. As such we offer a wide range of environmentally friendly food & drink packaging products made from natural, sustainable and renewable resources.

The Enviroware® range of compostable packaging includes: cutlery, dinnerware, cups, platters, pots and other catering products and disposables.  Once used, this range of compostable and biodegradable packaging can be disposed of along with food waste, in commercial composting facilities.

Our Enviroware® range provides exciting and innovative eco friendly food packaging, which contribute to our customers’ green offering and credentials.

Celebration Paper & Plastics Ltd – for all your environmentally friendly food packaging solutions

Disposable bagasse enviroware compostable dinnerware bowl


Enviroware Compostable Plates, Bowls, Platters & Dishes are strong, rigid and...

Disposable bagasse food boxes, containers and trays

Food Boxes, Containers & Trays

Our Enviroware food boxes, containers and trays come in a wide variety of styles,...

Palm leaf plates and bowls made from discarded palm leaf cuts

Palm Leaf Dinnerware

These square palm leaf plates and round plates and bowls are made from discarded...

CPLA compostable cutlery suitable for hot and warm foods

CPLA Compostable Cutlery

Medium weight, CPLA compostable cutlery is suitable for warm / hot foods up to a...

Wooden baking moulds with brown silicone paper inserts

Wooden Baking Moulds

Wooden Baking Moulds with brown silicone paper inserts are suitable for oven baking*...

Paper food and soup containers and lids suitable for hot and cold foods

Food and Soup Containers & Lids

Celebrations stock design Paper Food / Soup Containers for hot or cold foods...

Biodegradable paper hot drink cups made from sustainably sourced paperboard

Paper Hot Drink Cups

Our range of biodegradable Paper Hot Drink Cups are made from sustainably sourced...

Enviroware wooden hot drink stirrers with rounded ends

Wooden Hot Drink Stirrers

These drink stirrers are made of 100% natural birch wood.   Available...

Biodegradable PLA cold drink cups and lids that can be composted after use

PLA Cold Drink Cups & Lids

PLA cold drink cups are made from a corn derived bio polymer, which means they are...

Biodegradable PLA deli containers and lids that can be composted after use

PLA Deli Containers & Lids

PLA Deli Containers & lids range of biodegradable food containers are made from...

Biodegradable PLA salad bowls and lids that can be composted after use

PLA Salad Bowls & Lids

These round PLA salad bowls are made from a bio-polymer derived from cornstarch; a...

Biodegradable PLA portion pots and lids that can be composted after use

PLA Portion Pots & Lids

PLA Portion pots & lids are made from a bio-polymer derived from cornstarch; a...

PanSaver Eco gastronorm pan liners to eliminate any difficulty cleaning

PanSaver® Eco Gastronorm Pan Liners

A Bio-Based alternative to ovenable pan liners, the material used to manufacture...

Natural plates, platters and lids that are fully microwaveable

Natural Plates, Platters & Lids

Fully microwaveable, leak and cut-resistant, the Naturals Range offers an...

Range of natural paper products like cocktail napkins and cocktail coasters

Natural Paper Products

A range of cocktail coasters & napkins made from unbleached tissue for a natural...

BioBag compostable waste sacks

BioBag® compostable waste sacks

BioBags® keep food waste safe & hygienic and make composting of food scraps,...

Special Offers - Enviroware

This page shows all products we have on special offer. Please contact us for further...

Wooden Skewers

Disposable Wooden Skewers are made from birch wood. The product is 100% natural....

Wooden Cutlery

New to the Enviroware® range, disposable Wooden Cutlery & Chip Forks are...

Wooden Wrapped Chopsticks

Wooden Wrapped Chopsticks

New to the Enviroware® range, disposable Wooden Wrapped Chopsticks are made from...

Bamboo Gun Shaped Skewers

Bamboo Gun Shaped Skewers

Bamboo gun shaped skewers are 100% natural; there is no coating, waxing or...

Kuromoji Black Willow Skewers

Kuromoji Black Willow Skewers have a stylish dark natural wood finish making them an...

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