PET 20oz, 14oz, 9oz Cup, 4oz, 3.25oz Pot & Domed Combination Lid

This lid can be used with various PET cold drink cups and portion pots, converting them into a combination pot - click on product below for further details on compatible cups and pots. 

Image showing three PET Domed Combination Lid Pots which are different sizes.

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PET Domed Combination Lid

This clear plastic lid transforms our cold drink cups into a combination pot. 

Fitting four sizes of PET cold drink cup, ranging from 9 to 20 fl oz (codes: YP09C, YP1214C, YP162C & YP20C). 

Use with our 3.25oz (PET325) & 4oz (PET400) portion pots.

Simply clip the portion pot inside the lid and then fit to the chosen cup.  Ideal for all types of cold foods where the ingredients are required to be kept separate until consumption i.e. granola with cereals, dips with crudités, fresh fruit with yogurt, salads with dressing.





Width: 97mm Length: 97mm Height: 25mm

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