Wooden & Bamboo Skewers

Three different styles are available.  Wooden skewer sticks are often used for sweet and savoury kebabs.  The special shaped Kuromoji black willow and bamboo gun shaped variety are used for cocktail foods. 

Wooden Skewer Sticks

Natural birch wood skewer sticks have a smooth rounded finish with one pointed end.  Five different lengths are available ranging from 150mm to 300mm. An essential item when preparing food items such as sweet or savoury kebabs. 

view of a Small Wooden Skewer 180mm view of a wooden skewer 200mm from the enviroware range. view of a wooden skewer stick from the enviroware collection.
Description Small Wooden Skewer 180mm Medium Wooden Skewer 200mm Large Wooden Skewer 250mm Extra Large Wooden Skewer 300mm
Colour Natural Natural Natural Natural
Material Birch wood Birch wood Birch wood Birch wood
Case Quantity 1000 1000 1000 1000

Bamboo Gun Shaped Skewers

Also known as Teppo Gushi (the Japanese term for “gun shaped”), these skewers have a flat “paddle” end for easy holding.  The opposite end is pointed so that food can be threaded onto the skewer. Made from natural bamboo, the colour of each piece varies slightly between shades of cream and green.  Four sizes are currently available, ranging from 90mm to 180mm in length. 

Bamboo Gun Shaped Skewer 120mm view of a wooden skewer from the enviroware collection.
Description Bamboo Gun Shaped Skewer 120mm Bamboo Gun Shaped Skewer 180mm
Colour Brown Brown
Material Bamboo Bamboo
Case Quantity 1000 1000

Kuromoji Black Willow Skewers

Made from natural black willow, these small skewers are perfect for creating attractive displays of cocktail foods and appetizers. 

Image of four Kuromoji Black Willow Skewers being used as cocktail sticks for party food.
Description Kuromoji Black Willow Skewer 90mm
Colour Natural
Material Black Willow
Case Quantity 1000

Measurements & capacities are approximate. *Please check for availability & lead times.

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