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New Innovative Ecotensil® Products

We are always on the look out for new innovative products that don't just...

FSC Paper Straws

FSC Paper Straws receive Din Certco seedling certification

We’re proud to announce our paper straws have recently received the Din Certco...

Black CPLA Compostable Cutlery

We stay committed to meeting our customers demands, for this reason we are expanding...

view of a cpla cutlery meal kit on a black background.

CPLA Cutlery Meal Kits

Our range of CPLA compostable cutlery can now be purchased in a handy meal kit....

view of disposable paper straws by celebration.

Our FSC Paper Straws meet the Vegetarian Society strict criteria

We’re pleased to announce that our Paper Straws have recently been approved...

view of the new enviroware brochure 2019 by Celebration.

New Enviroware® Brochure 2019

Celebration would like to introduce our brand new Enviroware® brochure showcasing...

view of celebration at the packing innovations 2019.

Visit Enviroware® on stand L40 at Packaging Innovations 2019

Enviroware® will be attending Packaging Innovations 2019 to showcase a range of...

view of bagasse chip trays by celebration.

Bagasse Chip Trays

New to the Enviroware® range, Bagasse Chip Trays are made from natural non-wood...

view of wooden cutlery by celebration.

Wooden Cutlery

We are expanding our FSC® accredited Wooden Cutlery range, which already includes...

large view of paper straws by Celebration.

Paper Drink Straws

Our FSC® accredited Paper Drink Straws are the latest addition to the...

view of wooden drink straws by celebration.

Wooden Drinks Stirrers

Celebration have introduced a range of wooden drinks stirrers made from 100% natural,...

view of disposable plastic beer cups by Celebration.

CE Marked Pint to Line Clear PLA Cups

New to the Enviroware® range, CE Marked Pint to Line Clear PLA Cups are made from...

view of premium plastic cutlery by Celebration.

Premium Plastic Cutlery Retail Boxes

Celebration have recently expanded the cutlery range with the introduction of premium...

view of coaster dispenser packs by Celebration.

Coaster Dispenser Packs

Celebration would like to introduce our latest stock design coaster supplied in handy...

view of bagasse oval bowls and PET lids by Celebration.

Bagasse Oval Bowls & PET Lids

New to the Enviroware® range, Bagasse Oval Bowls & PET Lids are an ideal...

view of ecocraft food trays by Celebration.

EcoCraft Food Trays

EcoCraft Food Trays are made from unbleached natural kraft paper coated with a...

view of a PET combination cup and lid by Celebration.

7oz PET Plastic Combination Cup, 2oz Pot & Lid

The 7floz PET plastic cup (JP07C) is compatible with our 2floz portion pot (XP1200)...

view of recyclable cup carriers by Celebration

2 Cup / 4 Cup Recyclable Cup Carrier

New to the Enviroware® range the 2 /4 Cup Recyclable Cup Carrier is made from...

special offer.

Special Offers 2018

The link below shows all products we have on special offer this spring. Please contact...

view of plastic smoothie bottle and lids by Celebration.

250ml & 500ml Smoothie Bottle & Lid Combi Packs

New to the Celebration range is our 250ml & 500ml Smoothie Bottle & Lid Combi...

view of RPET cold drink cups and lids by Celebration.

RPET Cold Drink Cup & Lids

With the summer approaching our new range of disposable RPET Cold Drink Cups &...

view of new enviroware stock.

New to the Enviroware® range

Celebration has launched a range of disposable eco-friendly wooden products which...

view of colour changing plastic cutlery by Celebration.

New Colour Changing Spoons & Straws

Celebration has recently launched a range of plastic dessert spoons and drinking...

Try Before You Buy.

Try before you buy

Here at Celebration, we realise that it can be difficult to choose your packaging...

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