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New Innovative Ecotensil® Products

We are always on the look out for new innovative products that don't just meet our customers expectations but to exceed them. The Ecotensil® range is cleverly designed to take up very little storage space and is easy to use. We recently sampled the EcoTensil® range at the lunch! show, where they recieved excellent feedback and gained alot of interest.

Green dot products are made from FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paperboard and are commercially compostable. The EcoTaster range presents a hygienic way to sample food. The EcoTaster Mid has a foldable flap near the top of the product to prevent any leakage when using with liquids.

Blue dot paperboard products are made from sustainable sources, they are durable and designed for full servings of food. The EcoSpoon4 has a foldable flap near the top of the product to prevent any leakage when using with liquids.

Both the EcoTaster Mini and EcoSpoon5 are available to purchase as part of a starter kit. The starter kit includes a handy bamboo dispenser so customers can easily help themselves to an EcoTensil.

Our Ecotensil Green Dot Range includes:

ETMID2500 - EcoTaster Mid - Width: 35mm Length: 95mm

ETMINI2500 - EcoTaster Mini - Width: 30mm Length: 82mm

ETMINIBD - Mini Size Bamboo Dispenser

ETMINI1000SK - EcoTaster Mini Starter Kit


Our Ecotensil Blue Dot Range includes:

ES52500 - EcoSpoon5 - Width: 40mm Length: 125mm

ES42500 - EcoSpoon4 - Width: 35mm Length: 95mm

EICE2500 - Eco-iScoop - Width: 37mm Length: 73mm

ESBD - Mid Size Bamboo Dispenser

ES51000SK - EcoSpoon5 Starter Kit


For further information contact us on +44 (0) 1283 538259 or e-mail

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